Delicate, yet dramatic, exquisitely coloured photographs

Magic in Nature

Photographic Exhibition by Barbara Manzi-Fe

Barbara Manzi-Fé takes close-up photographs of flowers which she presents as large scale prints. Her delicate, yet dramatic, exquisitely coloured pictures are photographed in gardens in England - more often than not her own - and in the wild meadows of the Alps.

Each of the prints in Magic in Nature is the result of careful studied observation using natural lighting and differential focusing. Barbara’s images evoke the magical, fresh vibrancy of each individual flower. A variety of forms appear, some with an irridescent and delicate tissue-paper-like quality, and others of a more fiery trumpet-like boldness.

All have in common the beautiful colours and creativity of nature; and in each flower portrait Barbara instinctively captures the essence of that particular bloom. Barbara applies the same principles to her Landscape Photography.

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