Delicate, yet dramatic, exquisitely coloured photographs

Western Daily Press, November 20th 2002


Stroud based photographer Barbara Manzi-Fe has gained renown for her exquisite detailed portraits of flora and fauna. Now she switched her lens from micro to wide-angled and taken in the whole scenery, paying attention to the sun rays and rain clouds. Bev Hawes discovers how she found her muse.
Talented photographer Barbara Manzi-Fe has widened her view of nature  for her latest exhibition.

Earlier this year Barbara launched her first solo display with close up pictures showing the intricate beauty of flowers. But now she has gone to the other extreme of outdoor photography, with a new exhibition featuring breathtaking landscapes of Gloucestershire and beyond. Barbara usually takes her camera out in the early morning or evening to capture the different shades of sunlight.
Many of her pictures are taken from Haresfield Beacon beauty spot near Stonehouse, not far from her home at the Cotswolds’ edge.

She said” One morning, there was a covering of snow and the trees looked quite extraordinary. I also took a view of the landscape from Haresfield using three pictures which were then stitched together. It gives it a different perspective.” Barbara loves horse riding and while out on Exmoor one day, she decided decided she had to capture the scene on film. The red soil and the different hues of green on the trees provided a striking display Swiss born Barbara, 59, originally became interested in photography at the age of 14 when an aunt gave her a Kodak box camera.

When she was 20 she moved to London to take a three year diploma course in photography and worked successfully in the fashion industry.
But then she turned her back on her camera and trained and worked as a psychotherapist, after her first marriage broke up and she was bringing up her two sons on her own in Somerset.

Now she has a home near Stroud with her second husband David.
She started taking pictures of the flowers in her garden as a hobby and her interest has grown.

Barbara’s new exhibition opens at Mill’s Caf√©, Withey’s Yard in Stroud on Monday and runs until January 11.

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